Saturday, April 19, 2014


I’ve spent this sunny afternoon
Lying quietly on the floor
Right below the skylight
Relaxing in the More
I listen to gentle embers
Humming through the night
I sense the change and beauty
That flows through release of light
I hear the sound of His humming
As He caresses the curves of my face
I feel the vibrations of His throne room
Every atom quiescent with grace
The movement of His Spirit is constant
I feel the warmth of His wind and the chill
I am flattened by the beauty and wonder
Within these moments of just being still 
I see His stories pass by as the clouds move
I see His motions in love and in dance
I sense the immensity of His great loving Presence
I see Life is a growing romance

K, Duane Carter 4/19/13

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Forgotten Incident

The Forgotten Incident

Lord, call me, call me from this boat, “Come out!”
I hear his call, I hear his voice, his summon shout
I would rather die in this tumultuous sea
Than to live in the place that isn’t me

I stand and go to the edge, the step
Where everything is a heaving and shrieking storm
There He stands, out in the midst of it all
Every voice within me saying to stay in the norm

I cannot stand in this safety here
I cannot be still when His voice I hear
I know that being with Him surely is my life
I step off the edge, I step into the night...

I walk amongst the angel platoons
amongst stars and planets and skies and moons
Water changes beneath my feet
as to my Soul and Life I meet

I have never before been gripped by such a Love

K, Duane Carter 2/9/14

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I’m ready to float right out of this universe
Alight onto another 
Far more distant than this one
Yet closer than the breath of my lungs
I breathe the same air as the warlords, the bright ones
That spread love and peace and happiness and battle
The ones that make their swords all rattle
As they drop them to the ground to plant some life into it
Beings placed Deep into the brown, soft earth
Reddened by another’s blood
Watered by a steeping flood
Of submitted will and alabaster

The full moon just fills the fanning window above my head
Reflected light overpowering the lingering autumn darkness
Leaves unchanged as of yet
Yet we know that all is coming
To the sounds of soulful lutes and lyres
The coolness brings the smell of fires
And a thousand drops of rain
I lift my head again and again
To see if there is yet any difference
No matter how many times I lift my head to see 
It is my heart that feels the breezes

I am reconciled, I am reconciled
Like a favorite blanket to a crying child
There is a restoration forming in this quiet soul
That is surrounded by harsh and disruptive raucous
Yet nothing but stillness deep within
A stillness so deep, unfathomable, restless
It’s movement changes worlds
It’s vibration lifts the earth
Setting it, vast, into a different place
Where freedom never dies
An inkling, a nature, a persistent cry
Does drive us into that galaxy wide 
That is so narrow many miss the smile

Could it be that we are all so worthwhile
That on us love alights?
I foresee again, I foresee again
The friendless and forgotten do know a friend
Who smiles again as does a brother
Whose embrace is that of gentle mother
Simply warmth and grace and good and love
A place where I can truly know enough
Where a reality meets my expectation

Is there ever an end to this disrupting frustration?
Or is this simply the fuel that feeds me on?
In all of this weakness, through all of this brawn
I simply seek on for the firelight
Realizing my alabaster wishes have pierced the night
So the sky is overwhelming in its shadows
Clouds so immense they dance
with the movement of the moistures
They grow in ever increasing cloisters
Bringing a realization into the mix

Could it be that we are so worthwhile
That on us love alights?

K, Duane Carter 9/18/13

Sunday, November 24, 2013

In the Beginning

In the Beginning
I do not know where I have always been
I cannot hear what I have always seen
I seek a treasure that is within my heart
This search it binds as it tears apart
with the fierceness of a lion’s grip

I walk in paths known in ancient beings
I sense the unknown in all its past fore-seeings
My heart has known nothing but a great unrest
And all the while it has touched the breast
of a million shining suns

I am thwarted.  Quite unable
to know the one that was found in a stable
By rugged and wandering men
This one that sees me and calls me friend,
bringing the unknown before my very eyes.

I am hungry.  Hungry for the knowing of mystery
Hungry for touching the one who’s the real me
This person I have yet to have known
A thousand seeds of love have been sown
this oak tree is finding its roots

I feel a river deep inside
This river deep, this river wide
Encompasses all that has ever been or will be
Encompasses all that I have never known to be me
Yet it loves me all the same

I seek a name.  I seek a rendition
Of the one that brings all goodness to fruition
I seek a shining brilliance of who I am
a willing heart, a helping hand
These things make the world go around

I hear the sound.  The owl does “who”
The dove does coo, and the skies of blue
All speak of things unspeakable, true
They speak of me and they speak of you
but... we have to listen to hear them
I do not know where I’ve always been
I cannot hear what I’ve always seen
I seek a treasure that is within my heart
This search it binds as it tears apart
with the fierceness of a lion’s grip

I cannot slip

But when I do, and when I do
All I can see is the sound of you
so therefore I cannot slip, 
and new, such wonders are wondrous like the ship
that carries all of my treasures

I cannot measure the depths on which I stand
I cannot fathom that in this life, this sand
I have formed many a nightmare, many a dream
I have found what life and love and living mean
in the throes of an untimely death

This life, this breath, keeps moving my entire chest
Filling my cup with this wine, the best
Has always been saved for last, but yet
This one I drink is just the beginning
of a melodious and merry sing-song

I have known this all along

This is just simply the very beginning

K, Duane Carter 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Love in the Stillness

Love in the Stillness
I am longing for the stillness
Like the darkened sky against a September moon
Yet here I am at the tides of noon
With all of hell and water beating down my door

This heart within me does so long for more
yet my head is banging against the bricks
Raised up long ago with clubs and sticks
and a thousand useless apparitions
and thousands more useless superstitions
Have overtaken my nights

So now it seems my only plight
Is how many videos it takes to entertain
How many cells can I kill before my entire brain
Finally comes to the point where I can actually be human again
Finally comes to the place where my heart can pulse
Not to mention where there my soul, repulsed,
comes into the pleasures of the meeting

Time is continual, time is fleeting
But to the birds I make my motions
Greetings high with mixed emotions
I stand on a rusting moonshine still
I hear the sound of a whippoorwill
Yet in the midst I know no distinctions
The old, the ladies, the dark, the tinctures
Have all faded into dust
I must, I say, I must, I must
Travel into the realms of timelessness
To hear my heartbeat revel in the winds

“Dear God, would you please stop this meandering.”
I hear the raucous noises daily, the philandering
It is the only music the dirt can hear
Yet I dance to sounds in the atmosphere
Which is why my soul is in stillness
In places dark and unseen
No shiny, metallic, shimmering sheen
But just an overwhelming magnanimity 
Sewn with deliberate humanity
Brings on a dance that shakes the universe

This I will never, ever reverse
Forever forward will I go
Will your heart and soul and being know
Me in this land of fierce contention?
I believe that I must have forgotten to mention
You were with me all of this time
You were the cadence, the voice, the rhyme
That slathered all of my being
In dusts and dances and darknesses bleeding
yet healing all the same
Was found in one vastly simplistic name
Called love

I have found the stillness

I so long for it....

K, Duane Carter 10/30/13

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Voice (Day of Atonement)
I dream of days, I dream of ways
Where I do not have to enter into this incessant wandering
This amassing of graves between worlds of reality and fact
And the realms of reality and truth
These things I have wrestled with since my youth
Seeing the dragons get all the stronger
I still face them though I wander
between the place of courage and of fear
I sit amidst the lovely violets here
Just watching from a distance

I seek a grand but notorious gaze
a Voice that lives amongst blue-green eyes ablaze
These stories wrap around my mind
I cannot grasp such things sublime
Yet grasp them is exactly what I do, I must
Reach deep within to find the vessels of trust
That lead me to my pleasures
These things are so much more than treasures
They are rather more than things
Rather more on angels’ wings
They fly beneath my feet to greet me
All the while I look above while seeking
Those things that cannot be known or seen

I hear the whispers of gentle giants
I feel the tethering of a meek compliance
Knowing I cannot meet these ways
These ways that just lead all astray
Yet promise a sure deliverance
I also cannot yield to happenstance
Nor can anyone else for that difficult matter
For space is nothing but mindless chatter
if it truly had no beginning

I see the red roofs on those distant shores
The winding, writhing tales and lore
which break into my musings
All hair, all skin, all dark accusing
Just bristle in the sunlight
To speak of love so forthright
Is the answer to all these breathings

I cannot come into the forms and worries
Yet I cannot leave them ever since
I yield to the mysteries of unfathomable furies
With not a skip of heartbeats hence

I yield to the mysteries of unfathomable furies
With not a skip of heartbeats hence

So where does this all lead?  So where does this all go?
I think it goes where no one knows
But it does go into the knowing
The place where our listless souls are growing
In the green room of our past neglect
The pictures of our contorted wrecks
are turned into sound and life and beauty 
This happens right before our eyes
We listen and are mesmerized
by things we cannot hear nor see

In the listening I am free

It is in the listening I am free

I hear the Voice

K, Duane Carter 9/14/13

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Gift Orchid

The Gift Orchid
I see the remains of the potted orchid,
A symbol of friendship and time
Sitting brown and dead on the pavement
Shriveled completely from neglect
From busy-ness and lack of respect
The little things got in the way of the life things
And now all that remains is a dry and crumbling waste
That not even water will revive
It simply shows how we must invest the time, the effort
To keep what is living alive
While letting the sordid details to themselves
Don’t set what’s important up on the shelves
Until they’re a withering, nebulous ghost
Of the past.  What I want to last, I must water
What I want to live, I give life
Otherwise none of all this really matters

K, Duane Carter  8/11/13